ACS INDIA Integration Services

About US

We deliver whatever you require

There was a time when your IBM PC machine was supplied by an IBM vendor , serviced by an IBM vendor and contained IBM manufactured spare parts. Today you go for the most powerful IBM compatible machine, supplied by the most competitive vendor and the most reasonable and responsive service providing company that does maintenance. It is a good idea.

How come you don't do the same thing for your plant Automation.

Most manufacturing plants contain a wide variety of hardware and software supplied by various vendors which is still serviced by their respective vendors. The client is almost captive to the vendor.

At ACS INDIA specific competencies are deployed in all phases of the project where we can solve the clients problems by providing overall solution or by supporting parts of the process .We offer a whole gamut of integrated services .

Our Expertise

  •     Industrial Robot programming
  •     Control System Configuration
  •     Startup & commissioning Assistance
  •     Application Software Development
  •     PLC and SCADA Programming
  •     Operator ,Maintenance
  •     Engineering Training
  •     Remote maintenance support
  •     Wireless Communication

ACS INDIA in the industry are witnessing dramatic value addition through newer and latest Technology. It is the key to enhance productivity and increase profitability . We at ACS are in touch with the latest Technology and have the expertise and knowledge to smoothly integrate new technology solutions with your existing infrastructures

At ACS INDIA we have executed large projects involving various brands of Field Instrumentation, PLCs, AC Drives and SCADA We have 30,000 sq. feet area, Generator Back-up, Engineering floor and much more.